What’s New in Online Security?

Internet security is a serious issue, both in commercial and private sectors. Businesses must keep abreast with the latest security threats so that they can protect their data as well as the personal information of their customers. Companies are looking for innovative ways that they can increase security. It’s an ever-changing world, as the Internet is still relatively young. There are many more solutions. If you are a beginner and want to get accurate and up-to-date information about the latest developments in the world of technology, as well as practical tips and advice for staying safe and secure online, you need to visit usergorilla

The Threat: Reality

Here’s something interesting for you: Most viruses don’t want to steal data from big companies. This is the media blaming viruses for causing chaos. Malicious viruses tend to target personal accounts, as people are typically less secure than companies.

Businesses are more inclined than Janet to buy the best anti-virus systems, but Janet may be more open to paying for them.

Sharing Data

Adaptive Security is one of the greatest advances in online cybersecurity. Adaptive security means sharing data to protect yourself against cyberattacks. It relies on Compaq as well as 3Com for its operation. The anti-virus connects to ISS (Internet Security Systems), in order to fight against viruses. The concept behind adaptive security is reducing the time it takes to detect a threat and eliminate it.

Because computers are always sharing data, it is theoretically possible for the global computing network to work together to defend against online attacks.

SSL Improvements

Although the SSL system is not yet fully operational, developers have been working on improvements. SSL is the method credit card companies use for securely processing online payments. The majority of credit card companies suggested replacing SSL with Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).

It could boost online shopping as many people aren’t comfortable with their anti-virus programs and won’t shop online.

SET offers better protection against online threats. Online retailers are prevented from accessing customer’s credit card information. SSL allows retailers to view card information to confirm that the card is valid. SET allows credit cards companies to keep this information private and personally reassure merchants about its validity.

It allows retailers to charge their customers. This means they have only the information they really need to complete the transaction.


Biometrics refers to the use biological data such fingerprints and retina scans. This system is costly to implement. It is also vulnerable to manipulation, which could lead to the loss of security benefits derived from the introduction of biological data checks.

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