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A Christian’s Perspective on Ghosts

Do you remember living in a haunted home? I do believe that I have.

I was raised in a small Maryland community just outside Washington DC. It was a wonderful home. It was a Christian house. It was the home many people would love to have been raised in. However, it can be quite a lonely place at night. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning in law of attraction

My youth was filled with the habit of hearing the sounds that my body made when it breathed. The creaking of stairs, even though no one was there. Although I was alone, it felt like someone was sitting down on the edge.

One fateful night, my maternal grandfather leaned out of a photo to view me.

My mother admitted to me, after many years of denial that she too had heard things “go bump at night.”

These paranormal events continued unabated for years. They even continued into my adult life. They stopped abruptly after major renovations to my parents’ home.

I spent a lot of my childhood watching the original Universal Studios versions of monsters. So I believed I knew everything there was to learn about vampires and werewolves, mummies, and ghosts. I did have a Ouija board, and I could conduct seances. Was there more?

That was many years ago. Today’s youths are much more accustomed than I ever could to the worst of things.

Today ghosts and paranormal phenomena are enjoying a media revival. Paranormal Witness, True Blood Ghost Hunters Ghost Adventurers Ghost Mine Ghost Mine Ghost Mine Ghost Collector The Walking Dead and many other programs can be seen on television. The horrors of real life have made us so numb to these events that movies like Friday the Thirteenth, Friday the Thirteenth, or The Exorcist don’t even compare to Hollywood moneymakers such as The Saw series, My Bloody Valentine and The Unborn.

Our obsession with the paranormal has made us a society obsessed. It seems like more people would like to be able say “I see dead persons” as Cole did in The Sixth Sense.

Paranormal is not only becoming more mainstream, but it is also becoming more common. The world is getting more used to horoscopes. Spells, fortune telling. Tara cards. Ouija boards.

Ghosts have been around since antiquity. There are stories in every culture and country about things that happen at night. Stories of rattling chain, loathsome murmurs, shadows that stealthily move from one room to another, footsteps on the floor, and the sounds of footsteps have been told since time immemorial.

Stories of ghostly hitchhikers exist. Some stories tell of Victorian-era houses with vague images wafting down the staircases. Many stories tell of old mafia and gangsters who remain in their cellblocks. Stories of the unseen are plentiful, regardless of where we live, whether in rural areas or major cities.

We hold on to every word of these stories. It seems that we have an uncanny relationship with these unseen entities. We may shed a tear when we hear the soft voice of a child in an abandoned nursery. Perhaps we feel someone watching as we go through our day.

No matter the story, it is used to entertain, scare or mislead.