Moldavite, Identifying a Fake

There are so much fake moldavite out there. Some of them are so cleverly created that it can be difficult for you to recognize the genuine thing. Two moldavite specialists share their experience on how they can identify fakes. Refer to the seller’s information if you are going to buy at Amazon via the links in the article to verify that the pieces listed are genuine, read more!

What to look out for in fake stone:

1. If they seem to have the same shapes & textures or resemble this page’s pictures,

2. If they are all shining/wet looking.

3. Faceted gemstones with no inclusions or bubbling are most likely fake. All Genuine Faceted Moldavite has bubbles.

If you don’t know what to do, you can post a question in the Moldavite Facebook Groups. However, you should read this info before posting “is it fake?” messages to groups.

These were very popular in 2020/2021. They have apparently made the molds and mass produced them. India also wants to make chips, however, they cannot reproduce the texture. ONLY BUY ONLY FROM TRUSTED SUPPLIERS. If the price appears low when you try to buy something on ebay/etsy, it is likely that it is fake. There are many new fakes coming out of India. These have different shapes and can be reproduced in natural texture, but they may not be as accurate.

IVC stopped selling at these markets due to the overwhelming number of fakes on ebay. Fake Moldavite, in more shapes than usual, is hitting the markets from China & India. It is important to notice the “rough texture” of the melted glass. It is easy to identify the difference when you know what your looking for. Many pieces are identical shapes, and “perfect”, in all sizes. The pieces are displayed on this webpage. Next, compare them to these real Moldavites.

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